How You Dress Brands You



After having a great meal with my friends at our favorite joint at Abeka Junction, I decided to head towards the Kwame Nkrumah Circle.
Upon entering the Kaneshie Station at Circle, I met a rowdy but happy crowd. There seemed to be something very interesting and funny happening.
The crowd, ecstatically enveloped under an umbrella of excitement and fun kept its euphoria with no lethargy.
I couldn’t help it than showcase my best prying talent just so I could have a glimpse of what was happening. Actually, it was a large crowd but I managed to make my way through. I was at my curiousity best, I guess.
Mesmerized as I became after meeting the center of attraction perhaps the greatest scene of the year, I must confess I got very confused.
Here was a young lady of about my age, dressed as if she was horny and in the mood…

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